1. arzevark:

    when u at a concert & ur favorite band member looks u in the eye


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  5. theantagonista:

    I Feel Strange - The Dead Weather

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  7. Radiohead — Everything in Its Right Place

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  8. musichotsex:

    Arcade Fire - It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus).

    From the new album “Reflektor


  9. andrewvanwynperfect:

    I know I'm fucking moody,
    and I know I'm quite unkind.
    I know I'm kind of distant,
    But you're always on my mind.

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  14. So I got a bunch of my hair chopped off


  15. alternativealley:

    Left Hand Free // alt-J

    "Well your left hand’s free 

    And your right’s in a grip

    With another left hand

    Watch his right hand slip

    Towards his gun, oh no.”